With one group of E.S.Cornwall scholars returning home, it was an opportune time to select the next round of scholars.

Congratulations to Matthew Zillmann (an Ergon Energy employee), who has been awarded one of two new scholarships.    For some of Matthew’s background, see his LinkedIn profile here.

Matthew describes his objectives under the scholarship as follows:

Recent years have seen significant increases in the price of electricity paid by consumers.

The Australian Electricity Industry has come under significant pressure to reduce costs and the minimise the flow-on impact to the end user. The most significant contributor to the cost paid by consumers is network charges; that is, the cost to transmit and distribute electricity.

During my E. S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship placements I hope to work with world leaders in asset management and innovation; with the aim of looking at methodologies and technologies that can be utilised to optimise the capital and operational expenditure on asset management.

We wish him all the best on his scholarship.

Applications open – for the next round of E.S.Cornwall scholars

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Jan 242013

As a young Queensland engineer working in the Electricity Supply Industry, how much would you learn and grow (professionally and personally) from an overseas professional work experience placement, in a countries of your choice, for a 9-18 month duration?

The E.S Cornwall Scholarship has been running for 60 years, and previous scholars have described their experiences as follows:

“Above all, it was a life changing experience and my wife and I fully immersed ourselves in travel, new friends, new experiences, and enriching our lives.”
Brian Becconsall (1965)

“In a profound way, this period has become a reference point in my professional life. Since then I have a broader toolkit and some great contacts. But the value of the experience goes far beyond my work objective. I consider it as one of the defining periods of my life.”
Frank Montiel (1998)

“The ES Cornwall scholarship is not only a great opportunity to further your career but also to see the world. The niche experience gained will be an asset to you professionally but will also benefit prospective employers and the Australian ESI as a whole.”
Aidan Roberts (2008)

“Aside from the work based activities, I have been fortunate enough to experience a different way of life and benefited from involving myself the variety of cultures and people in Europe, Northern Afri-ca & North America. I have many great memories from my time abroad, both professionally and personal – far too many to list.”
Nick Craig (2008)

More details about what these people thought are here in the Scholarship Brochure.

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Do you know of young engineers who may be interested in working for UK Power Networks on the Low Carbon London project?  If so, please point them at this opportunity.

Working on one of the world’s flagship programs like Low Carbon London (with its focus on climate change, renewable energy, energy conservation and smart networks) would provide a young engineer with invaluable experience so they can then return and apply this knowledge to Queensland’s power industry.

Please refer these attached details of the Low Carbon London Project:
(a)  This general information pack (7Mb)
(b)  The project directions document

This is a special ES Cornwall Memorial Scholarship award tenable for 6 to 12 months to enable the scholar to undertake paid professional employment with UK Power Networks in London on the project.

The award is open to engineering graduates from all Queensland universities with a preference for graduates with three to five years experience who would benefit from the placement and are currently either:
(a)  working in the power industry or
(b)  as an early career power engineering academic at one of Queensland’s universities.

The award recipient will receive a total grant of Aud$10,000  to cover the cost of travel and relocation costs that will supplement the salary of approximately £20,000 p.a to be paid by UK Power Networks whilst working on their project.

Whilst not being a highly paid assignment, this is a great opportunity for personal development and professional experience.

Applications for this E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship Award close on 24th February 2012 using this attached application form:
(a)  Application form DOC; or
(b)  Application form PDF

Also, please refer to this additional information about the award.

Simon Bartlett
ES Cornwall Scholarship Advisory Committee

PS – This 1st quarterly report from the current scholar, Donald McPhail, provides further background on Low Carbon London.

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