Scholarship Rules


Note that these rules were correct as at 6th April 2009. This website has been developed to supplement the information provided by the University of Queensland online – however, if there is any discrepancy, the rules provided by the University of Queensland shall take precedence.

  1. The object of the scholarship is to enable graduates in Engineering of Queensland universities to obtain special experience aboard in aspects of the electricity supply industry so that the industry in Australia may benefit by the knowledge and experience thus gained by them.

  2. The scholarship shall be tenable for a period of not less than 9 months and not more than 18 months, in accordance with program approved by the Advisory Committee, and an award shall be made every 3 years. The value of the award shall be at least AU$2700 per month and this amount will be reviewed through the period of the scholarship.

  3. The scholarship shall be awarded by the Senate on the recommendation of an Advisory Committee consisting of representatives of the following sectors of Queensland’s electricity supply industry and The University of Queensland:

    • Electricity distribution
    • Electricity transmission
    • Generation or consulting engineering
    • The Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences & Architecture
    • Power Engineering Alliance or Australian Power Institute.
  4. A candidate for the scholarship shall be an engineering graduate from a Queensland University. In the marking of an award, consideration will be given to the work of the candidate during the University course, a general capacity for benefiting by overseas experience and the nature of the proposed program of work. Preference will be given to candidates with from 3 to 5 years experience.

  5. The scholar shall pursue outside Australia, a program of work approved by the Advisory Committee, and the Advisory Committee will, if the scholar so desires, assist him/her in preparing his/her program. The work would ordinarily consist of either:

    1. employment by a manufacturing or research organisation or by an electricity supply authority, or by 2 or more of such bodies in succession, the employment being for the most part in a responsible capacity in a field approved by the committee; or
    2. study for a higher degree

    With the approval; of the Advisory Committee, which may be obtained at any stage, the scholar may carry out minor investigation abroad on behalf of a specific organisation in the Australian electricity supply industry. Other financial support in allowable and details must be furnished to the Advisory Committee.

  6. The scholar shall submit quarterly reports to the Advisory Committee giving a general account of the work performed during the previous quarter and impressions gained thereby.

    Not more than 3 months after the scholarship terminates the scholar shall submit to the Advisory Committee a full report, suitable for circulation within the electricity supply industry, on the work performed during the tenure of the scholarship.

  7. The scholar shall, in any published paper or report dealing directly with work performed as such scholar, state that the work was so performed as a holder of the E.S. Cornwall Memorial Scholarship, The University of Queensland.

  8. After the termination of the scholarship the scholar shall deliver at The University of Queensland any lectures as may be required by the University within the field of enquiries as a scholar, payment for such lectures to be made at the standard rate for specialist lectures.

  9. An application for an award of the scholarship shall be lodged with the Registrar of the University of Queensland on or before 31 January of the year before the award is to be made. The application shall indicate the applicant’s proposed field of study and shall give relevant particulars, including tentative arrangements already made by the applicant for overseas work or study.

  10. Reports and applications by the scholar to the Advisory Committee, and other communications arising out of the scholarship, shall in the first instance be sent to the Registrar.

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