Upon my return from my ES Cornwall Scholarship, I was asked to provide some lectures on my experiences (this is part of the condition of the scholarship).

Here’s a copy of this Final Presentation (PDF) for your perusal.

This presentation touches on my experiences at OFGEM and EA Technology (both in the UK) and at Landis + Gyr (in France) where I investigated future distribution networks.

I also provide some notes on:
1) Highlights on my experiences; and
2) Some closing thoughts.


The points of interest for the quarter are the completion of my second placement with EA Technology Consulting Ltd., IEA DSM Task XIX Subtask 3, STP Module 5 “Smart Meters: Next Steps” and my attendance at the IEA Workshop on Demand Side Management.

View 4th Quarterly Report (PDF)


The main objective of this placement is to gain exposure to New Energy Technology projects relating to my areas of interest.

The points of interest for the quarter are the commencement of second placement with EA Technology Consulting Ltd., IEA ENARD Smart Grids information subtask 1, IEA DSM Task XIX Subtask 3 and my attendance/presentation at the ENARD Annex I Workshop on Communications and Control.

View 3rd Quarterly Report (PDF)


My second report describes further developments with the development of Ofgem’s “Worst served customer” (WSC) Policy. I also detail a presentation on Smart Meters in the UK contect.
As an appendix to the report, I include an update on the UK Power Academy.

Finally, I note that (on the April 20th) I will be starting my new placement with EA Technology (a Power Asset Management Consultancy based in Capenhurst, UK).

View 2nd Quarterly Report (PDF)


My report describes the experience I have gained with respect to the areas of Smart Networks and Distributed Generation. In particular, I am working to gain an understanding of how these areas will impact and/or enable:

  • network operation & planning,
  • energy & demand management,
  • metering and
  • carbon emissions.

View 1st Quarterly Report (PDF)

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