Please find attached my first quarterly report for the ES Cornwall Memorial Industry Scholarship for the period 5th September 2011 to 5th December 2011 during my employment with UK Power Networks.

During the initial three months of my placement with UK Power Networks, I have been a part of the Low Carbon London Programme, working as a Trial Design Engineer in the Solution Design Authority team.

The Low Carbon London programme is a UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets’ (OFGEM) Low Carbon Network Fund supported demonstration programme focussed on the effect the transition to a low carbon economy will have on distribution networks. The programme is made up of a partnership of 13 companies, with UK Power Networks being the lead partner.

The key work I have carried out during this quarter has included the design of Electric Vehicle, Small Scale Embedded Generation, Network, and Residential Smart Meter trials, and the development of programme scope mapping to trials for a dependency management tool.

 I would welcome any feedback and advice from the committee and all interested parties, regarding this report or my proposed goals for the next quarter.

 Kind regards,

 Donald McPhail


Upon my return from my ES Cornwall Scholarship, I was asked to provide some lectures on my experiences (this is part of the condition of the scholarship).

Here’s a copy of this Final Presentation (PDF) for your perusal.

This presentation touches on my experiences at OFGEM and EA Technology (both in the UK) and at Landis + Gyr (in France) where I investigated future distribution networks.

I also provide some notes on:
1) Highlights on my experiences; and
2) Some closing thoughts.

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